Pricing Guide

Package 1

45-50 min of Photography
1 Couple / 2 x Matrics
Family, Couple, Individual Photos
Min of 60+ Photos
Online Gallery for Download
One location


Package 2

80 - 90 min
2 Couples / 4 Matrics
Family, Couples & Individual Photos
Min of 100+ Photos
Online Gallery for Download
One location

This package is for groups of 4 individuals.
All photos taken at the same time as a group together.


Package 3

100 - 120 min
3 Couples / 6 x Matrics
Family, Couples, Individual Photos
Min of 150+ Photos
Online Gallery for Download
One location

This package are for groups of 6 people.
Couples can decide who goes first, second and third.



How much are the Travel Fees?

Travel fees are calculated at R3/km. For example: 200km x 2 x R4 = R1600.
If you chose Package 2 or 3 this amount can be divided between individuals.

How long do we wait for the final photos?

Final photos will be shared around 4-14 working days and can be downloaded from the online gallery link you will receive. You will also receive a preview within 24-48 hours.

What time do we take the photos?

Usually the best time of day will be around sunset, although you usually need to be at the matric farewell around that time. So the next best time will be the last few hours before you need to leave. We work on a first come basis, the couple who books first get to choose their time slot first.

Where do we take photos?

This is up to you, if you don't know of any locations, you can contact me.

Would you like to receive a quote?

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These options are per couple for each package.